Benefits of a Good Laugh

Benefits of a Good Laugh

Love to Laugh

When we laugh we ease stress and worry and this makes us want to laugh more.  Laughter has wonderful benefits for your health and happiness.   Perhaps approach it this way: instead of waiting to be happy to laugh, why not laugh to feel happy?  You can easily do this by bringing a conscious level of awareness to your laughter or even a smile.  Watch some comedy, hang out with friends, join a laughter club (yes they’re a thing), or even learn to laugh at yourself – you’re quite funny you know?

  • the benefits of laughter – it builds resilience – learning to laugh at yourself assists in adjusting to stress and adversity.
  • it creates a positive mindset — laughter orients the brain to a positive mindset – regular laughter and smiling actually changes the brain’s chemistry through neuroplasticity.
  • it enhances communication and connects people – it’s very hard for two people who laugh together to feel any animosity towards each other.  It’s a fantastic rapport builder.
  • it reduces stress – laughter helps shift difficult emotions, freeing the body and mind of stress.
  • it frees the mind to be more creative and productive – laughter has a similar effect on the brain as meditation, bringing you very much into the present moment.
  • it increases oxygenation – this optimizes healthy body and brain functioning, improving concentration and productivity levels.
  • it promotes playfulness – laughter enhances imagination, cognitive and emotional strength.  It also promotes interaction with others.

SO GO ON LAUGH IT UP.  Consciously look for reasons to laugh and before you know it, you’ll bring more light, joy and wellbeing into your daily life.

This article is by ROS BEN-MOCHE a laughter therapist and founder of Laugh Life wellbeing programs.  She is the author of Laughing at Cancer; How to heal with love, laughter and mindfulness.

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