Pumpkin Porridge


Pumpkin Porridge

To put a warm glow in your belly and set you up for the day, why not try Pumpkin Porridge. Yellow vegetables nourish the Stomach and Spleen, which in TCM is the centre of your health, if the stomach and spleen are receiving the nutrients they need, then the rest of your organs with be …

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Kitchari Recipe

Kitchari is a complete one pot meal. It’s packed full of protein in the dahl, vitamins, minerals and fibre in the vegies and energy in the rice. The perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can be guaranteed the whole family will love it. Plus it’s a light, easy on digestive complaints. The ghee …

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Turmeric Latte

TUMERIC LATTE ·         1/2 cup coconut milk, full fat or lite ·         2 cups almond or cashew milk (or non-dairy of choice) (I make my own almond milk) ·         1/2 TBS coconut oil ·         1/2 tsp turmeric ·         1/4 tsp cinnamon ·         1/4 tsp cardamom ·         1/8 tsp black pepper ·         2 medjool dates*, pitted …

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Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Easy Golden Milk Overnight Oats [ vegan ] Ingredients ·         golden milk: ·         1 cup coconut milk* (I use homemade almond milk) ·         1/2 tsp turmeric ·         1/4 tsp cinnamon ·         1/4 tsp cardamom ·         1/4 tsp ginger ·         1/8 tsp black pepper ·         1/2 TBS coconut oil ·         honey, to taste ( I used …

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