Poultices to Help Pain and Inflammation

Poultices to Help Pain and Inflammation


Your skin is your biggest organ, so whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into your skin.  Ginger has anti-pain, anti-inflammatory properties.  So to help with musculoskeletal conditions try this –

Fresh ginger grated and piled on to sore/painful areas, then wrap in glad wrap and wait for it to get hot.  And it will take a while, depending on how inflamed the area is – so be patient and wait – may take 40 minutes, or may take longer.  When you feel it is hot enough, wipe the ginger off, don’t use water as it will burn.   This can be done daily to help pain and inflammation.


Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric.  It is an natural anti-inflammatory.  It is best to try natural remedies first rather than go down the other track.  Aging is inflammation, so taking a good anti-inflammatory will help with all those aches and pains as we age.  Curcumin is not readily bioavailable, so if taking the fresh root take a tiny bit of black pepper and a teaspoon of coconut oil, with it to help it be absorbed into the gut.

Castor Oil Poultice

We use castor oil a lot in Chinese Medicine, it has wonderful properties and is beneficial when rubbed onto sore joints, used as a poultice for fibroids etc.  Get a cloth or washer and soak in castor oil and place on the area, you can hold in place with gladwrap if you like,  then place a heat pack or hot water bottle on top, the heat helps the oil be absorbed into the area.  Great for nodules, phlegm damp, arthritis, joint pain Etc.  or else just rub the castor oil into the painful area and place a warm cloth on top.  It will be absorbed into the joint and help with inflammation and reduce pain.

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