Staying Positive During Covid-19

Staying Positive During Covid-19

1. Don’t panic

2. Wash hands thoroughly and often.

3.Avoid touching your face, cut nails short.

4.Sip on hot drinks during the day.

5. Put your bath towels out in the sun after every use.

6. Eat healthy foods, plenty of greens, in fact vegetables of all colours. Avoid overeating. Avoid sugary foods and processed foods. Eat like your grandmother used to eat. Add garlic, lemon and ginger to your cooking.

7. Maintain a regular exercise pattern, work up a sweat if possible.

8. Drink plenty of water, to help with good elimination and hydration.

9. Stay positive, practice gratitude, be thankful for what you have – family, friends, family, hands, feet, eyes, ears etc.

10. Practice meditation daily.

11. Maintain social distancing. Enjoy your time at home. Enjoy that fact that we can all slow down and just enjoy our time.

12.Wipe down surfaces, benches, mobile phones, laptops, etc. frequently.

13. Reconnect with people you care about.

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